Sunday, August 30

No Time Like the Present

It finally happened, a date has been set for knee replacement surgery. Show time is September 10th at high noon. There's so much to do between now and then that the Blogosphere, Facebook Nation and Twitter World are going to have to live without me for a while.

Speaking of living without me, it occurred to me there's the possibility (slim at best) that I might not wake up from surgery. Like I don't have enough to think about, now I have these passing thoughts about Mocha, the people I love, my stuff and do I need to make amends with anyone before September 10th?

My mom is coming for a month to help take care of me. Should be interesting. I'm looking forward to our time together. Since I've moved to Tennessee, we're not only separated by miles, but by something I can't quite put my finger on. Am hoping we'll get to reconnect in a meaningful way and not just talk about the weather and swap know what I mean? Oh that's it, we relate on a superficial level now and I'd like to go deeper. Will stick a pin in that thought so it doesn't float away.

Between now and September 10th, I'll be a blur. After September 10th, I'll be medicated, doing physical therapy and getting my mobility back.

Until next time...take good care and enjoy the gift of today.


Robin said...

Take care, heal well, Laura!

Maria said...

My sister has had both of her knees done and yes, it is a difficult healing process. I think it took her about 3 weeks before she started getting around on her own. So, yeah...get the stuff done that no one else can tend except you and then just...let yourself relax and heal.

You'll be just fine.

Paul Oakley said...

My partner (78) had total knee replacement surgery on his left knee on August 31. It went great and he has had only modest pain. But it is a real process, and recovery will be ongoing for months yet. I hope your surgery went well and recovery is coming along nicely!