Monday, June 1

The Alone Place

You knocked the wind
out of me
with your words
all I could do
was walk,
walk until the white noise
stopped roaring in my head

All I could do
was fly
fly into the night
with my hand
reaching for the cabin door
and freedom from pain

With my hand
grasping the luggage
(they’d bought us for our honeymoon)
all I could do
was stumble
stumble into the waiting car
that would take me

To the alone place
away from you
and the words
and the white noise
and the pain
To the alone place
I'd created

1 comment:

Texas2Tennessee said...

For those of you reading this and thinking, "Oh my God what's happened?" Not to worry...All is well.

This is a poem created out of a painful memory that will be combined with a poem created out of a joyful memory. A poem of opposites...if you'll indulge me.