Thursday, June 11

Afternoon in the Park with George

you register first
as the sound of gravel
yielding under the weight
of deliberate steps

the cadence of your pace
across the promenade
informs the beating of my heart,
my trembling hand

What does the writer care
of scandal
in the City of Lights?

a wisp of dust rises
from the toe of your boot
as you halt
at the hem of my skirt

the arch of a raised eyebrow
articulates your advantage,
me sitting on a park bench
you standing over me

backlit by the afternoon sun,
you radiate aristocracy
from the cut of your trousers
to the fine weave of a brocade vest,

its onyx buttons gleaming
like the eye of a crow
who’d gladly steal away the ruby pendant
nestled in the hollow of your throat

a pulse point causes the jewel
to quiver slightly
as baron/baroness takes
my gloved hand, upraised

lovers we are not
yet there is an intimacy
the onlooker may infer
as we stroll arm-in-arm

through the park
on a warm spring afternoon,
the sighing of leaves in the willows
co-mingling with our own

passion for words
passing between us…

We cannot tear a single page
from our life
but we can throw the whole book
into the fire.


Texas2Tennessee said...

This poem is in response to ReadWritePoem Prompt #77:

Write a poem in which you go on a date with a historical figure, any historical figure.

If you haven't guessed by now, my date was with George Sands.

Paul Oakley said...

Good ol' George. I hadn't thought of her in a decade at least. Always did find her an intriguing character.

I was immediately struck by the initial image of the person being the sound of gravel underfoot! I love the metaphor - shared words as profound intimacy.

Anonymous said...

Very dreamy and enjoyable.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Intriguing. I liked how visual this was. Good write.

Dana said...

This is fantastic. I love all the smart imagery in this piece. I especially love:

"to the fine weave of a brocade vest,

its onyx buttons gleaming
like the eye of a crow
who’d gladly steal away the ruby pendant
nestled in the hollow of your throat"

It's such a complex image, comparing the buttons to crows' eyes. But it works the way you've written it. And I love the rhyme of crow/throat.

This is exciting writing.

Deb said...

"baron/baroness" was my hint of which George, but I didn't know the last stanza as a quote by her. Clever!

I also like the historical references in tone & dress. Makes the work come alive even more.

Texas2Tennessee said...

I appreciate your kinds words so very much. It's encouraging to hear positive feedback from writers whose work I admire.

I'm new to ReadWritePoem, but already feel it is an integral part of my development as a writer.

Write on friends, write on!

Donald Harbour said...

What a stunning piece. The flow and the context of words allows the mind to form imagery and connection. Lucile Dupin "George Sand", I had to read her play "Claudie" in college (forty years in the distant past). A true French feminist before her time.

And, thank you for your kind words on the "Marilyn" piece.

Irene Toh said...

Vividly written.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!! I felt like I was right there strolling arm-in-arm with you! Beautiful images...

sam said...

Very nice imagery here. I love your descriptions of the couple and the park :)