Thursday, May 15

1,700 Miles

Word prompts of sights, sounds and feelings from the road:

Driving in torrential rain makes the world feel smaller

Arkansas rice fields are beautiful. The naked earth shaped into gently curving levees, newly planted fields a whisper of green, other fields with plants nearly a foot high, uniform as a crew cut.

You don't need a roadside marker to know when you've crossed the state line into Texas. The sky greeted me with its arms stretched wide, speaking first to my eyes, then to my heart that I was home.

Witnessing a 360 degree sunset near Nacogdoches

The spectacular downtown skyline of Houston hidden behind a veil of pollution

Welcoming arms of old and new friends

Honoring and celebrating Larry and John's 25 years of living and loving...together

Cool, dim rooms inside, searing heat and humidity outside

A friendship born out of chaos

Answering the question again and again...what feels good?

Lemon meringue pie

The grace of an aging mother, a list of chores, a good day's work

Binoculars and a great blue heron

A tightness in the chest from having to say goodbye too soon

The jubilation of a little brown dog upon my return

A 1,700 mile journey ending between the sheets of the most wonderful bed in the world

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