Monday, October 15

Sweating and Stuff

Oh my friends, Day 3 of our Houston adventure went something like this:

Get're feeling a little moist

Have a lovely breakfast...starting to glow now

Take a shower...toweling off, you begin to perspire and need to take another shower

Pick up a 16 foot moving truck...full on sweating is now taking place

Go to the storage unit, marvel at how much crap you were able to keep in a 5 x 15 air-conditioned box...your stuff is as fresh as a daisy but sweat is now streaming down your back, forming a puddle around your feet.

Spend copious amount of time strategizing how you're going to pack everything in the moving truck (read as: stand still and out of the glare of the sun as long as you can)

Stop to drink water, hoping you won't pass out from dehydration

Start moving stuff from point A to point B...rethink wisdom of doing it yourself vs. hiring a professional mover...did I mention sweat?

Begin to swoon from the heat and the stinging in your in reinforcements

Stop to drink water and immediately sweat it out of your pores

Celebrate the arrival of reinforcements, showering them with sweaty hugs

Make the BIG PUSH with all the heavy stuff up the ramp and try not to run over any one's foot in the process

Finally finish 4 hours later...sit for a few minutes in the air-conditioned car...head is now beginning to pound

Drive to dear friends' house a.k.a. refuge from the heat...pry off clothing that is now stuck to your clammy, sweaty body...take a cold shower

You rally long enough to eat something...notice that the pounding in head has come back with a vengeance

Lie down, realizing you have full-on heat exhaustion

Wonderful, sweet, loving friends suggest you stay put and they'll make dinner at home instead of going out as raise your head from the pillow, smile meekly and nod a sincere thank you

Have lovely dinner....feeling a bit revived now...pounding in head has dissipated

Drive 16 foot moving truck to friends' house to pick up final piece of furniture...oops...we fall down, furniture goes tumbling on the driveway...many bumps and bruises will follow

Drive back to dear friends' house and pass out

This is the end of day 3

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