Tuesday, October 9

One Giant Step Forward

When walking from the elevators to the expansive windows on the 60th floor of the Chase Tower in Downtown Houston, there is a sense (near panic) you're going to walk into not-so-thin air, praying the shimmering heat and humidity will suspend you.

This was the first stop on Linda's tour of my *hometown.

*Yes, I grew up in the small farming community of Katy, but I was born in Downtown Houston, so I'm claiming it as my birthright!

Linda has never visited Houston and only grazed through Texas once on a roadtrip (not of her design) from Louisiana to Oklahoma. I wanted her to experience Texas as the glorious, expansive, vibrant state it is and maybe in the process soften her not-so-stellar memory. Speaking of glorious and expansive...big blue sky and clouds painted by high Gulf winds greeted us on day one of the tour. Look closely and you can see the moon setting in the background.

We visited skyscraper after skyscraper, many I had called "home" at some point in my career and altogether, a spectacular view from the balcony of my house in the 6th Ward.

Bank of America Center

(formerly RepublicBank Center)

City Hall

This took us to Tuesday afternoon. Next was the tour of Omega House, Rothko Chapel, a stop in The Chocolate Bar for some Cape Cod Crunch Ice Cream and then happy hour at Mo Mong's for a reunion with great friends.

Mark & Reesa

Next Installment...Day 2 - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


jellyhead said...

Beautiful sky and skyscraper shots! Hope you and Linda have a wonderful time.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Off now to google 'greasy grandma'!....

Robin said...

You were blocks from my office which is on the Menil campus. Call next time!