Monday, January 29

Where's My Cave?

Dressing for the cold takes skill...a skill that does not come to me naturally. If it were 100 degrees and 99% humidity, I'd be your go-to girl for fashion advice.

I understand I need to dress in layers.

Question: How many layers do you need when it's 8 degrees outside?

Answer: Forget the layers, I'm putting on every piece of clothing I own.

Result: I look like a bag lady. Who needs luggage when you can wear everything you own.

Dilemma: Waiting until the last moment to go to the bathroom. With a minimum of 4 layers of clothing on, I wasn't sure I was going to get down to skin before my bladder exploded.

No wonder bears hibernate!

1 comment:

Maricia said...

Do bears hibernate alone? I think that my snoring along with grumbling stomach would drive anyone away.