Wednesday, December 6

Be A Candle of Hope

Last night was the season finale concert for Nashville in Harmony. The music we performed was challenging and diverse, from an English madrigal to an African processional march and 'it' happened. Something I've been waiting for since I joined this chorus. We brought the house lights down and the entire chorus spread out around the perimeter of the sanctuary holding lit candles singing, "The Size of Your Heart." The words speak so eloquently of how we can touch each others lives:

The size of your heart is the size of your life
for out of your heart comes the kind of your life
The way you reach out
to the world all around
is first in your heart to be found

Toward the end of the piece, 'it' happened. The blending of our voices rose with such perfect harmony and volume and pitch that it created what I call an angelic divine that when you finish singing, 'it'...the sound continues and the audience is afraid to applaud for fear they will break the spell. When 'it' happens, my breath is taken away and I cry. So there I am, singing...feeling 'it' coming, holding my little candle, lending my voice to the divinity with crocodile tears streaming down my face. I love this chorus...


Anonymous said...

That moment of true harmony must have been such a magical moment. I sure wish I could have been there to have experienced it. Thanks for sharing.

montecristo58 said...

I was there ... (also in the purple section. :P ) There were several "Whoa" moments for me, too ("The Snow Begins to Fall," for instance.)

It was my first season singing with this group, and it was one of those magical "nothing but good things" experiences for me. *happy lil sigh*