Monday, December 18

...and now I give you The Virgin Mary

I had every intention of sending an annual Christmas letter and then I read this article in the local paper. It's clear I mustn't burden you with the trivial events of my ordinary life when news like this is breaking:

What I enjoyed even more was the postage stamp sized ad below the Virgin Mary sighting...a notice that reads:


Prescription Eye Glasses

Somewhere around Ashland City. Rims are dark and ear piece fits across top of ear.

Call WQSV Radio 615-792-6789

"Ear piece fits across top of ear." Have I been living in the woods too long? Has there been some sort of scientific breakthrough allowing eyeglasses to hover in place on your face so as not to fit across the top of your ear?

These are questions I have. Do you have answers?


TUFFENUF said...

"ear piece" COULD mean one of those new fangled phone ear pieces, that's my only guess on that one. As far as the one about Jesus on a stamp - have you heard about the story near Chicago? People started gathering around a street light that cast a Jesus looking shadow. Officals were deciding what to do about the ever increasing crowd size, when a police capt. found a solution. "TURN OFF THE LIGHT!" I don't think that God shows himself to us in stamps, reflections, shadows, acid window panes, or cheese sandwiches. He does however show himself in the smell of spring, a babys soft skin, and in puppy breath.

montecristo58 said...

I saw God once in a cheese sandwich. I'm just sayin'.

Texas2Tennessee said...

Like that which comes in the blue box, I've often thought God was the cheesiest, but God in a grilled cheese sandwich...I would be full of the Holy Spirit!