Monday, February 20 the wreckage awaiting me there

...and so, with evidence of Mother Nature's wrath in my rearview mirror, I continued driving southwest to Houston. It sounds corny, but every time I drive or fly into Houston and see the skyline for the first time, I start to cry. You can get your first glimpse of it pretty far away, I think somewhere between Cleveland and Shepherd...that is if it's a clear day and I mean pollution, not clouds. Anyway, there it was and there I was and there they were, big crocodile tears rolling down my cheeks.

(****Editorial note...if you want to skip all the details, scroll to the bottom for a synopsis, otherwise enjoy the ride)

My last trip to Houston was supposed to be purely for fun...of course we all know how that ended (see heartbreak blogs from November). This trip was purely about business, health and seeing the folks this time around I didn't get a chance to see the last time around (for those of you I still missed..I'm so sorry). Here's my Houston agenda...remember, I was still sick:

  • arrived in Houston in the afternoon
  • rested and got ready to go to dinner with a friend
  • friend had to make a quick stop at a political fundraiser beforehand
  • cracked many faces, enjoyed the hell out of it; genuinely glad to see some of the people
  • ate great seafood, had many libations and talked for hours 'til we closed the place down
  • fell into bed realizing it takes more energy than I'm willing to expend to be "on" with people who don't feed me
  • authentic Tex-Mex breakfast...huevos y papas
  • neurologist for a checkup; great news...all is well and I can go off medication; skipped out of the doctor's office and called my momma
  • rearranged stuff in the storage unit to make room for bits of furniture stored at this one's house and that one's house and someone else's house whom I didn't originally leave it with
  • had a dose of reality...underneath all that bravado, you are a coward
  • stopped off at Pierson House to visit former co-workers and meet new folks; fell into old habits playing toss the koosh ball back and forth while listening to
  • stopped off to visit with friend who will soon be 40; she has nothing to worry about...great valentine's day decorations, by the way
  • stopped off at The Chocolate Bar to see a friend and pick up some sweet treats
  • went to my church to see the pastor give him a great book on Ecclesiastes called "Against the Grain"; he wasn't there, but it felt good to be in that sacred space again; took a turn around the labyrinth for good measure and then...
  • stopped off for a surprise visit which lasted all of a few seconds as she was walking out as I was walking in...still fun to see the shocked expression on her face
  • back to my friend's house (been in town more than 24 hours now and still haven't seen her!) to clean up and rest before dinner
  • got to hug Holly's neck finally and see Miss Emma (Mocha's puppyhood playmate and fellow chocolate drop)
  • Mexican food and ritas...I must be in Houston! Lordy we ate 'til I was about to bust and then we ate some more. Learned some new lingo that I'm sure will come up in the future and had a eyebrow raising discussion about chaps...have mercy!
  • decisions, decisions...go out and dance or go to the house...hmmmm
  • pit stop to meet the new girlfriend...nice & I like her dogs
  • final stop...big cushy sofa in our jammies for girl talk and catchin' up
  • sleep, sleep, sleep


  • coffee and goodbyes with Holly and J
  • brunch at the Hobbit Cafe with Kris
  • shared the events of our lives from the past 6 months over great food
  • pit stop to meet the new girlfriend...nice & she works with dogs
  • filled up the tank, fired up the cell phone and waved goodbye to the skyline as I headed northeast to Overton, TX


  • tried to do way too much in too little time
  • ate favorite foods...mexican, seafood and Hobbit Cafe
  • renewed some old friendships
  • cast away the remains of friendships that were nothing more than lip service
  • got warm and only had to wear one layer of clothes
  • cracked some faces
  • left people to draw their own conclusions stop, a reunion


TUFFENUF said...

Whoa - that was a busy time, sounds like you had some fun. Are you totally re-located in Tenn. for good?

Texas2Tennessee said...

No, not for good, but for now.

Helen said...

Hi Laura,

Finally back online and catching up with your blog. Sounds like I have missed a lot. What a whirlwind trip it sounds like you had?! It must have been something to have seen so many people all packed into a short time. And then to see the devastation of the forest... wow... what an emotional whirlwind it has been for you the last few weeks....just wanting to let you know I have not dropped off the face of the world...just running smack dab into it...take care...Helen