Wednesday, January 28

Let It...

I am yearning for snow and so far this winter has produced only wicked brutal cold, rain, freezing rain and ice. I want to wake up to the hushed silence a blanket of snow creates, the wonder of watching it drift down effortlessly.

Here's a photo from last year and a wish for a repeat:

Tuesday, January 20

And the Winner Is...

Thanks to everyone who flew their freak flag on my blog and posted a photo caption. I must say, it feels good to know I'm not the only twisted sister/brother in the world. We could have our own pew at church!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.

The winners of the Friday Photo Caption for January 16th are:

Ms. Me - for posting the first entry
BobbyB - for working in the Girl Scouts (gotta love those girls in green!)
Duhcowboypoet and cathypurdom - for doing it the poet way
rudpet - for making me giggle
creativeheart - for scratch and sniff potential
LJ and Billy - for submitting the most entries
prettyletters - for saying it like you're from Tennessee
marysears - for the shortest entry
Deb - for the excellent pun
KC - for working in the camo angle
AJ - for working the OCD angle
L - for singing her entry to me

Congratulations to EVERYONE! If I don't see you on a regular basis or don't have your mailing address...send it on and I'll mail your award-winning brownies to you.

Thanks again for playing along. Bless all our twisted hearts!

Announcing the Winner

...stay tuned Blogosphere! I'll be announcing the winner of the Friday Photo Caption Contest at 8:00 pm (CST) today.

It's not too late to enter, so good luck.

"I'd trade my duck for a Brownie!"

Friday, January 16

Friday Photo Caption Contest

Here are the facts:

This photo was taken in Ashland City, Tennessee.

Yes, this is a hearse from the fleet at the local funeral home.

Yes, I have a twisted sense of humor.

Now my friends, dazzle me with your photo caption writing skills,
post it in comments
and if you are declared the winner,
I'll send you an award-winning pan of brownies.

I'll kick this little contest off with a gem of my own. Of course, I'm not eligible to win.

Contest ends Tuesday, January 20th.

Sign of the Times

Litter Becomes Lunch

Today, while driving I saw a man and woman picking up aluminum cans. They wore expressions of desperation and exhaustion on their faces. Pulled to the side of the road, their mid-sized sedan was bulging with garbage bags presumably filled with the fruits of their labor. On this stretch of River Road, which skirts the edge of Davidson County, regular services like roadside pickup rarely occur so they had hit the mother load.

On one hand, I'm glad the litter so many drivers toss thoughtlessly out their window would end up as a hot meal or a warm coat for this couple, but saddened that the state of the economy has driven people to clamber down deep ditches and along roadsides to eek out a living.

Sunday, January 11

Open Road to Home

cotton batting clouds
eclipse a clear blue sky
white thread of a contrail stitches
a quilt of contrast

sets my mind to wondering
how many hands to quilt the sky
how many generations of women
bent over a frame

lowered from the ceiling by pulleys
after the table's been moved
after the chairs made their music,
scraping a tune across the hardwood floor

i should keep my eye on the road
but that sky, that crazy quilted sky
sets my mind to wandering
down the open road to home

Monday, January 5

Left or Right

how to choose
the color of a roof
your hair, a ceiling

where one road ends
and another begins
there is a house on a hill
with a red tin roof

at the intersection
of multiple choice
I know a good decision
when I see one

Thursday, January 1

New Year's Day in DC

View of the Washington Monument
from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
The Nurses Sculpture
Vietnam Veterans Memorial