Wednesday, March 11

It Always Come in Threes

It's been a big day at Texas2Tennessee. I'll be concise. If you want more details, kindly leave your questions in the comments...OK?

Here we go:

1. My sister's been having some health problems. Today she had a biopsy and will have the results tomorrow. Nothing like having a big needle stuck in your throat five times.

2. I'm one step closer to being approved for a state program that would pay for knee replacement surgery.


3. My nephew was released from prison today.

I think my mom's been on her knees praying all day. When I talked with her this evening, she sounded completely spent.

More cringe-worthy news to follow as it unfolds.

Hope everyone out in the Blogosphere is doing OK. We're expecting 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow...and I just thought Spring has arrived.


Hahn at Home said...

I hope all goes well on all counts.

Robin said...

I hope the same!

Texas2Tennessee said...

Thanks Lori and Robin for your kind words.

As of Friday, more tests for my sister and more waiting for me. As for my news is good news, as the saying goes.