Tuesday, February 10

Sedation Dentistry...Really?

I passed a dentist's office today sporting a big bold sign with the words


This puzzled me. Was this a sleep clinic or a dentist's office? Hmmm...a few keystrokes and the internet spewed forth. Even though I'm one of the four million uninsured Americans, I like to keep abreast of advances in health care, just in case a National Health Care Plan is ever enacted.

After some research and little discernment, all I have to say about "Sedation Dentistry" is

if your fear of seeking dental care has reached "phobia" status, you might consider seeking the guidance of a mental health professional.

My mother used to pull my teeth with a pair of needle nose pliers when they wouldn't come out on their own and yes, my siblings tied a string to my tooth and a door handle and slammed it as hard as they could. It didn't work by the way, but I did see stars and pass out which I guess was the treatment model for sedation dentistry.

Now, go talk amongst yourselves and let me know what you think.

Here's a little light reading to assist:



MS. ME said...

So, if I painted a bunch of bricks a pretty color and put barcodes on them (and made them various sizes) could I too open a sedation dentistry clinic??? A good whack in the right place would make any tooth fall out - or at least make the pain portion of the brain look elsewhere!! Thanks for keeping us updated!!! You need to start sending these signs to Letterman!!

Deb said...

I have to represent the other side just a tad bit on this particular discussion. I hate the dentist with a purple passion, and yes, it could border on phobia. My dentist does not advertise as a practitioner of sedation dentistry, but if I have to have anything beyond a teeth cleaning, he gives me a valium a half hour before. I sit out in the waiting room and slowly get stoned until I reach the point where I will allow sharp objects into my mouth. Of course, I have always had a very sensitive mouth, which, I figure, some people do and some people don't. I even have to use luke warm water to brush my teeth because cold water hurts like hell. THAT all being said, to me sedation dentistry would fall into that catch-all category of "greatest thing since sliced bread." I'll take as many drugs as they'll give me.

Hahn at Home said...

I had a phobia thing with dentists until I actually got a good one. I avoided the dentist for 25 years, how stupid is that? Now, with an actual good dentist who knows his head from his ass, I can go with no problem. Just a little initial anxiousness. But, if you need dental care and you need sedation, I say go for it!