Monday, December 22

They Call me the Breeze

In a few hours, Mocha and I will be headed west, then south for Christmas. I'm looking forward to some mother-daughter time in the Piney Woods of East Texas. I imagine we'll cook and talk, mend some of my thread-worn clothes, laugh, cry, walk and sit in silence.

This is a time to be generous, not with presents, but with love and patience and humor. I feel we need to continue a conversation started a year ago. It's time for her to know her daughter for who she is, who she has become, who she dreams of being. I wonder if she'll hear me.

So my friends, while I'm in Texas, enjoy a few photos I've loaded to magically pop up each day, even though I won't be near a computer or an internet connection.

Thanks for reading, leaving comments, letting me know how you are and who you are. I can feel the pulse of your presence, even though many of us have never met. That you take the time to stop by for a visit makes my heart sing. For this, I am grateful.

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