Monday, November 3

Autumnal Awe

The Dogwood tree, their leathery-white blooms in spring create the illusion of stratus clouds floating in the understory of the forest. I doubly adore them for the brilliant red berries they produce in the fall. From a distance, berries are shielded by the curvature of the leaves. If you stop and look up, the explosion of color against a clear blue sky is manna.


Elinor said...

What wonderful photos, Laura!

What kind of tree is that with the red berries? I noticed them while walking around the lake during the day of the Gathering and was wishing I had either a camera or a canvas but alas, I had neither. I meant to ask you what kind of tree it was but I forgot. Anyway, thanks for bringing it to mind once again - such exquisite beauty!

Elinor Madeira

Texas2Tennessee said...

Hi Elinor and thanks for dropping by. The tree that captured your attention is a dogwood. Lovely, isn't it?

Elinor said...

Wow, a dogwood - one of my favorite trees and I never noticed before that it had red berries! How could this be?! Thanks for enlightening me!

Robin said...

Wow! These photos are gorgeous!