Thursday, March 6

Between Heaven and Texas

Daily, I search for the horizon,

food for my soul.

Daily, my gaze is halted

by ridges, dense forests, foothills.

Daily, my spirit seeks to rest

under a cumulonimbus cloud,

soaring 40,000 feet

between heaven and Texas

A copy of Texas Sky by Wyman Meinzer was placed in my outstretched hands on Valentine's Day. Thank you Linda for a most thoughtful, kind and loving gift.

Luckily, this book has a slick dust cover. Tears roll off nicely when I pine for the horizon. Sometimes, I walk around with it clutched to my breast. Silly you say? The words of Texas Parks and Wildlife Director, Andrew Sansom sum it up nicely,

Our identity as Texans is tied up with the sky, and our belief that anything is possible flourishes in a place of endless horizons and unobstructed access to the clouds and the stars.

Next week, I travel to Texas. You can rest assured whether twilight or day, I'll be basking under the endless Texas sky.

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