Tuesday, December 11


and on the seventh day,
there was a glorious sunrise
a hint of blue sky
dotted with whispy white clouds
the gray ceiling has lifted
senses awaken
golden rays of morning sun
a homecoming parade


Laurie Kendrick said...

Hi. My name is Laurie Kendrick. I'm 48, a native Texan and a freelance Journalist currently making blogging a part of my life experience while still in Houston.

This was my first time to your site and I was impressed. I really like the feel of your poetry. It's poignant without being forced. There's such a natural flow to it.

I'll be back.


Texas2Tennessee said...

Hi Laurie...thanks for stopping by. Please leave a link to your blog. I'd like to read your work as well. Please give my hometown a big Texas hug!