Wednesday, July 4

I've Graduated to Paper Towels

...because kleenex cannot handle the amount of snot I am blowing out my nose.


Carolyn said...

A summer cold or allergies? Either way, what a bummer! You take care of yourself now - ya' hear?

Love, Carolyn

Laura K. said...

HA! If I'd read this before Thursday I'd have KNOWN you'd be in a state of contagion. Take care, and talk to you Monday.
Laura Bo-Baura (had to go old school)

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on Michael Campagna's birthday wishes post. Please read it and get back to me if you will. I need to close a portion of my past of which a Michael Campagna was a part of. If the one you knew is the one of my past I cannot be there for him anymore but I hope he can for me through you.

The email has changed. Please use and put his name in the subject. Thank you.