Sunday, May 6

Avian Delights

As winter continued to hold us captive to gray skies and barren branches, the profusion of bulbs and wildflowers ushered in the promise of Spring. As their blossoms faded, lush shades of green leaves began to emerge; the woods softened. Then, a late freeze seized us and tender shoots of a new season shriveled. The tendrils of an aborted Spring still hang in rusts and browns, confusing our eye and our senses.

Just as the dove carried a message of renewal, birds have emerged in their brilliant coats of yellow and red and indigo, rose and black and white and subtle freckles of rust on creamy breasts, restoring the order of nature. Witnessing their springtime antics, as nests are built, mates are courted, territories are staked out, feathers brighten and birdsong heightens; all are a feast for the eye and the soul.

Wildflowers are more collaborative subjects for photography, but the happenstance capture of an elusive indigo bunting or the migrating rose-breasted grosbeak is cause for celebration.

I share these little bits of soul food with you. Enjoy each savory bite.

(l) female rose-breasted grosbeak, (r) male rose-breasted grosbeak

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Big Shot Bob said...

Great Photos.....Love the your latest postings.....The area you are in, looks wonderful.......Thanks.