Saturday, February 17

I Walk

We speak softly in the night
in hushed tones…
reaching for each other
across mountain mist

Your lilting laughter
is to my ear
the leprechaun’s grail
shining at the end of a rainbow

Alchemy of words, of breathing, of silence,
smoldering, unspoken passion
transforms grail into molten gold

Molten gold spins into fine thread,
fine thread sets adrift on the wind,
adorning the veil of mist between us

The alpha moment of morning breathes deep,
inhaling the mist
untethering itself from its Earthly confines

So too do I rise,
beckoned by slanting, swirling rays
onto a footpath
laid before me by the Ancients

and so,

I walk…
I skip…
I run to you

who knows not how you came
to stand in the soft grass
at the break of an alpha morning
trembling heart and hands outstretched,
whispering, “Come, be embraced.”

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