Sunday, June 25

Observations from the Road

...or maybe questions, but definitely not rhetorical in nature:

1. Why isn't baseline and vaseline pronounced the same way?

2. Driving back from Texas, I hit Bucksnort, Tennessee at about dusk. There was a deer grazing peacefully next the interstate under the city limit sign. Redundant or shrewd municipal marketing?

3. they truly think pulling up next to me on the freeway and making cat calls loud enough to be heard over the roar of their engine is going to turn me on? Does this ever work for them?

4. Who is advocating for the geriatric community dealing with substandard rural healthcare?

5. Solidarity...a pylon or a pile driver?


Joanne said...

Well I can at least respond to #4...check out and also both are great organizations and care deeply.

Big Shot Bob said...

2. That is a sign good things are coming your way. Also a sign it is good to be home.

4. You are right! But......there is a lot of men who appreciate beauty in the right way.

Enjoy your blog everytime I stop. You have a lot of emotion to give.


Texas2Tennessee said...

Thanks folks. It is good to be back home in Tennessee!