Monday, April 3

Wisdom in the Most Unexpected Places

The virtue of PATIENCE and the emotion of FEAR is something I've been writing about for a few years. PATIENCE is an elusive virtue, not one we are born with and one acquired by few. Imagine my delight, when reading Tantric Sex for Women by Christa Schulte, I encountered the following thought:

"Patience means being relaxed - being able to wait, staying calm, and giving yourself the necessary playing room for development. Patience creates space - living space, breathing space, space to develop. It is the opposite of fearful defensive maneuvers and the rigid "no!" in response to everything that is new or different. Patience means showing forbearance for ourselves, for the beloved who is so darned "different," and for all other beings."

Read it again if you need's buried in the middle - PATIENCE opposite FEAR! The anvils of PATIENCE AND FEAR who have enjoyed taking turns pulling me under the waves converge in a single sentence. A SINGLE SENTENCE! The lighbulb not only came's burning at 1,000 watts.

It's so very simple I want to laugh out loud and dance with the wildflowers in the meadow. Join in if you'd like...there's room for everyone at the dance of an abundant and joyful life.

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Joanne said...

This was nice - I still have a lot to learn about Patience but glad I am on the journey.